Why Vaccination Will Take LongWhy Vaccination Will Take Long to End the Pandemic – An Overview by Dr. Israel Figa to End the Pandemic – An Overview by Dr. Israel Figa

ptimistic to think that things are getting better in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, they are getting better in a way, but in some parts of the world, the worse has only started to happen. A lot of pharmaceutical companies have already developed their vaccines and millions and millions of doses are going out to the countries in all parts of the world. However, it is not wise to think that this will end the pandemic right away. The reality is, vaccination will take much more time than people think before everyone is immune to the disease.

During the process, many will get infected, and unfortunately, many will lose their lives before they are even vaccinated. Now, a big concern for the world right now is how long it will take for the vaccine to reach everyone. That’s a very important question, and one that might not have an answer that pleases you. Let’s see what Israel Figa has to say about it.

Why It Will Take Long for the World to Get Vaccinated

There are so many different barriers that will prevent the vaccine from reaching the people at a steady pace. Israel Figa has pointed them out one by one.

  • Buying Power

At the moment, the biggest and most developed nations of the world are ahead in the queue to buy the vaccines from the biggest pharma companies of the world. These nations have the money to buy as much vaccine as they want. The more important part is that they consist of billions of people, which means, unless their billions of people are vaccinated, the smaller nations don’t stand a chance. Not to mention, the pandemic has ruined the economy of the biggest nations, let alone the small countries.

  • The Pace of Vaccination Development

The speed at which the vaccines can be developed can only be so fast. You can’t expect these companies to produce vaccines for the entire world in just a matter of minutes or days. It will take the pharma years to produce enough vaccine that can be administered to the entire world. Not to mention, many companies in the world are still going through trials before they come up with their vaccines. The whole process will take some time.

  • The Trust in the Right Vaccine

This is a natural phenomenon that has resulted from the current conditions of the world. There are certain companies that the countries and nations want to rely on more and then there are vaccines that people are not buying as much as they should. For example, there is no doubt about the fact that the current pandemic has left a black mark on the face of Chinese politics and its government. For that reason, the vaccines that have been created by Chinese companies are not be trusted by many countries. The nitpicking and wish to buy vaccines from a particular company are also causing the process to slow down.

  • The Population

There is nothing that can serve as a bigger barrier than population in the distribution of vaccines. Think about it, the current population of India is more than 1.3 billion. Yes, you are talking about 1,300,000,000 people in just one country. Even if they vaccinate 500,000 people every single day, which is a very optimistic estimate, it will take them 2600 days to vaccinate everyone. If you do some basic math, that’s more than 7 years for the entire population to be vaccinated.

Final Thoughts

Israel Figa has rightly pointed out that it will take some time before everyone in the world gets vaccinated. There is nothing wrong with hoping that soon the world will treat COVID-19 just like seasonal flu and cold. However, it is going to take some time to reach that point. Until then, you should follow the SOPs, take care of yourself, those around you, and even the ones that live far away by setting a great example.