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About neuroseed

The Fourth Industrial revolution brings the implementation of such technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Current market requirements are changing rapidly and use of machine learning algorithms based solutions can significantly increase business competitive advantages in the context of globalization. Back in 1995 an idea of creating a platform that could provide a reliability of data sources andtrained neural networks has been declared. Platform implementation would lead to the rapid development of the whole stack of machine learning based technologies and help to reduce the cost of its development, mass adoption and significant growth of derived systems efficiency. The concept of rationality of several machine learning models merging with their further transfer learning has been proposed and proved later. The common limiting factor of development and implementation of similar systems was the lack of reliable technology that could provide a decentralised digital trustworthiness for final machine learning models and data sources.

NeuroSeed platform solves this problem by means of combining cryptography and blockchain technologies and providing a reliable tool for creation, validation, trading and reusing of datasets and uniform reusable clusters of final machine learning models

Innovations in neuroseed platform

Unified ecosystem of
ML models

The Platform unites Big Data Suppliers, Computing Power Suppliers, Storage Suppliers, ML models developers, validators with domain expertise, distributors and customers.

Low cost ML-based PoCs with short Time to Market

The extensive functionality of the platform provides an opportunity for customers fast creating the PoC at the low price.


New virtual composite datasets are created on top of existing ones enabling both storage expenses reduction and increasing of available datasets diversity.

Clusters of final
ML models

Customers get access via API to the validated clusters of domain-related ML models for diverse fields and different tasks.


Using micropayment technology allows keeping transaction costs down for platform internal payments.

Guarantee of data reliability and ML models

Data and ML models hash is stored with authorship metadata in blockchain ledger.


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Neuroseed team

Director & co-partner in smart-systems development for Waterpure and Qulligan in 2004-2010. Mentoring the development and logistic department for Aqua Bar. Founder of the secured smart-houses company and OscarTV. Co-partner and fintech director in IPTV, VOIP & Internet provider Redmax.Partner in SDE Sea Waves Power Plant.
Oscar Braverman
NeuroSeed Founder
Ph.D. Physics
New York Academy of Sciences Member.
Mastermind, developer and investor in several crypto projects. Proficient expert in markets trading. Deep experience in strategic development, creation and running of companies and funds. Founder of several TV and IT projects.
Dr. Leon RebelSky
NeuroSeed Co-Founder
Co-Founder of the biggest Russian blockchain community and ex-manager in Russian AI Community. Experienced tech entrepreneur and digital marketer.
Vasily Kuznetsov
Neuroseed Co-Founder
Specialist in developing Neural Networks, cryptography and cyber security. Extensive experience in back-end development, DL, ML, AI, cryptography (especially quantum). Programming languages: Python, C/C++. Development environment: MatLab, Octave, TensorFlow, Keras. Cyber Security Olympiad Member. Certificate on cryptocurrencies and distributed systems.
Aleksander Solonskyi
Machine Learning models developer. Programming languages: Python, C++. Administration Unix/Linux systems. Development environment: TensorFlow, Keras.
Igor Omelchenko
Machine Learning Developer
Director of advertising campaign. Marketing & business developer. Technical & internal economy researcher. SMM analyst.
Nelly Afanasyeva
Specialist in developing server applications. Cryptocurrency developer. Database architect: MongoDB, MySQL. Programming languages: JavaScript, C/C++, Python. Development environment: Node.JS.
Sergey Shestopalov
Back-end Developer
You have super skills into ML, crypto and blockchain technology? You can code, design, marketing or content?
Welcome to our team!

Neuroseed Advisors

The Principal Data Scientist at BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist. Top Data Science and Big Data Influencer. Ex-Professor Rocketdatascience
Kirk Borne
Mastermind & investor in Economic projects. Entrepreneur with 15-years experience in business development. Economic coordinator in the consulting company REVERS-Audit ltd since 2005. Founder and CEO of the foreign economic activity & power machines company Psm-export LLC in 2009-2014.
Ruslan Okhrimchuk
Economics Advisor
Expert in the field of visual communications and strategic solutions in digital marketing. The owner and creative director of the agency Daniel Communication Design. Works in Russian, Israeli and many European markets. Featured speaker of international forums on advertising and marketing. Originator of creative concepts and quality evaluator of promising design solutions.
Arsen Daniel
Creative Design Advisor
Expert in Financial and Trading technologies, brings 15 years of experience in organizing the development effort of financial and trading systems solutions as well as working with the Marketing and Sales Team.
Mark Braverman
Software Development Advisor
Expert in the field of Artificial Neural Networks (Ph.D) with a 23 year experience in the IT sector. Strong experience in Data Mining/Science and Scoring applied to Credit Risk control in the Banking sector. Internationally experienced in project with numerous contributors.
Dr.Eric Feuilleaubois
Expert of AI
Seasoned Entrepreneur, International Management Consultant, Startup / ICO Advisor, Growth & Internationalization Expert, Tech & Blockchain Enthusiast with broad global networks and with profound expertise in Fund Raising, Business Development, Social Media Channel Management, Cooperations and Marketing Strategy.
Ralf Gerteis
Commercial Advisor
Legal Adviser.
The member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2007. The founder and the head of Perelman & Co law office. Experienced in contract and corporate law, protecting copyrights and intellectual property.
Boris Perelman
Legal Adviser
Marketing, advertising, promotions, DOOH&Digital Signage Technologies, events&sponsoring.
Vladimir Prigozhin
Neuroseed PR Advisor
You have super expertise and validation into ML, crypto and blockchain?
Welcome to our advisors!


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