Renew Your Musty Laundry with Essential Oils

Everyone likes to dress up and rock the floor wherever they show up. Clothes get the credit for most of their appearance and confidence. Shiny, bright, and stylish outfits bear the burden of presenting someone in a way that they stand out. And in the midst, they get teary and weary at the end of the day and call for some pampering for themselves too.

All your stinky and musty laundry also needs a warm bath, so give it to them, please. They do a lot for us, from protecting us from dust particles to making us look gorgeous. Hence, if they smell stinky and not clean, maybe it’s time to strip them.

You might not be a hoarder but getting your money’s worth out of things isn’t that bad. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good deal? So, spend more only on quality items that you are sure will last, especially when it comes to nice laundry. Over time, hard water can deposit bacteria and dust particles in your clothes, which forces you to replace them frequently. But, refreshing and renewing them with natural substances and regular striping can help them last longer. Also, regular cleaning of the washing machine stands effective in keeping the shine of your laundry intact.

So, what exactly is laundry stripping? It is the process of removing the build-up from your already washed clothes. One can do this by soaking the cloth in hot water with a natural detergent, essential oils, washing soda, and borax. This simple process will leave every fabric softy, fluffy, and smelling amazing.



This natural mineral is a lesser-known household cleanser, also known as sodium tetraborate. It specializes in removing stubborn stains, treating mold and mildew, and eliminating unpleasant odor.


AKA Soda Ash, washing soda is a similar composition to borax. It is a wonderful addition to any laundry routine and used as an additive to degrease and deep-clean clothes and towels.


One of the basic and most important fabrics cleaning essential, detergent is added to cleanse and sanitize your garments. It is a powdered component that is dissolved in the water. There is a liquid detergent option too if you are in a pinch. Just make sure you stir the liquid detergent in the hot water well.


Several essential oils possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and are great for removing odor. Whether it is lemon, tea tree, thieves, or eucalyptus, they make a wonderful choice for cleaning.


STEP1: Prep the Tub

Pour hot water into a large tub and put all the ingredients in the required quantity. For instance, it should be ¼ cup of borax, ¼ cup of washing soda, ½ cup of powdered detergent, and 30 droplets of essential oil. Note that, the essential oil should be first added to the dry mixture to help them mix well in the water. Now, stir the water well until the detergent dissolves.

STEP2: Soak the Laundry

Here comes the time when you finally put your garments into the water and let them soak. Press the clothes well, so that they are fully submerged. Wait for 4 hours or until the water cools down.

STEP3: Rinse and Dry

When the water cools down to room temperature, drain the bath and remove the laundry. You will be able to see the left-out gunk in the tub water. That’s how dirty your clothes are left even after being washed in a washing machine. Rinse them properly and hang them to dry. After they are dry, you can smell the refreshing and clean fragrance of the clothes.

Apart from that, if you want an additional boost, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil from Young Living, when placing the laundry in the dryer. It will help your musty garments smell fresh and shine amazingly.