How You Can Choose the Most Effective Cleansing Product for Your Skin

Most everyone will already be aware that having beautiful skin means taking care of your skin properly and effectively. When we are in our teens, breakouts and acne issues can be common, but once we get older and mature, our skin often becomes clearer and less prone to breakouts, unless we are particularly stressed – or not taking care of our skin properly, that is. One essential activity you should do every day, twice a day, for instance, is washing your face. When you wash your face, you are effectively cleansing it and removing any residual dirt, oil, and bacteria, which, when left on the skin’s surface, can cause blemishes and breakouts. But how do you make sure that you are washing your face in the best possible way? With the right cleanser, of course. With all the cleansers out there, however, how can you choose the most effective cleansing product for your skin? Here’s your guide.

For acne-prone/oily skin 

If the skin of your face is prone to acne or oily, you would do best with a foaming cleanser or liquid. Once the cleanser is mixed with water, its ingredients activate and become foam, which can help break down any dirt and extra sebum from the skin’s pores.

For sensitive skin

Those who have sensitive skin can go for a cleansing product in oil form. Whilst the idea of applying oil to the skin of your face may not feel like it is cleansing it, remember that oil can absorb oil, and this works great for sensitive skin. Argan oil, for example, is non-comedogenic, and it is lightweight and can also moisturise your skin.


For red or dry skin/skin prone to eczema

This skin type can also be quite sensitive, so you would need a cleanser that is lotion- or cream-based. Cleansers like these are often made with emollients like shea butter or glycerin, which can remove impurities whilst hydrating your skin as well.

For mature skin

As we age, we need to take particular care of our skin, especially since our skin loses its natural ability to produce moisture. For mature skin, therefore, the best types of cleansing products would be those that are in balm form, especially the so-called ‘melting’ balm. This is a rich salve that can ‘melt’ to become a liquid once you rub it onto your skin. You can use it without any water, and it can be quite soothing on the skin, too.

Other factors to consider: non-comedogenic products and serums

Many people have heard of the term ‘non-comedogenic,’ but not many of us are fully aware of what it means. Well, to break it down, non-comedogenic simply means it’s a product that is not supposed to trigger pimples or acne or clog your skin’s pores.

Most of us will have heard of serums for the skin, and the truth is that they can also be your skin’s best friend, as proven by the serums available from SkinCeuticals. Serums often have concentrated forms of various active ingredients, and they can address a number of problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, and more. If you want a serum, look for ones with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, peptides, and vitamin B3, and niacinamide.


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