Common Myths About Coronavirus

It is the wish of every person that the corona pandemic will end soon. Scientists across the world have been working their level best to come up with a vaccine for the virus. So far, an effective vaccine has not been developed. However, this does not mean that people should lose their hope. Primex Labs have been helping people protect themselves by providing diagnostic testing for COVID-19. Additionally, people seem to have many myths about the pandemic, which is building fear among people.

Below are some myths that some people across the world believe about the coronavirus.

Coronavirus only kills the elderly.

A substantial number of young people have been taking it to social media to claim that corona only kills elderly people and those with an underlying condition. This is not true. Statistics indicate that coronavirus has killed as young as one-year-old children. Therefore, if people continue to believe in such a myth, they risk their lives since COVID can kill anyone. Most of the coronavirus death victims are individuals with underlying conditions. the science behind this is not clear because healthy people have been dying from the disease too.

Infected people do not need social distancing.

The main reason why social distancing is necessary is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, some people believe that if they are already infected, there is no need to observe social distancing since they cannot get the disease twice. What they do not know is that they will be protecting their loved ones by keeping distance. The more the disease spreads, the higher the chances of people getting infected. Therefore, if you have the disease, you might heal and still get infected again due to the high numbers of infections. It is necessary to keep a distance since it helps reduce infections. Once you heal, you will want to live in a coronavirus free environment. Such cannot happen if the infected people won’t keep a social distance.

Insects transmit the disease.

People have been living in fear ever since the coronavirus started spreading across the world. Imagine a situation whereby a mosquito bite or a bite from any other insect could transmit the disease. Scary right? The CDC does not have data to show that insect bites can transmit coronavirus. The current research indicates that the virus can be transited from one person to another. Wearing clothes to cover legs and arms minimizes the chances of being bitten by an insect. Mosquitoes are known to transmit the Zika virus. Therefore, it is better to be safe than regret later.

People seem to believe that these myths are true. The truth is that any person can get infected with coronavirus and, therefore, needs to protect themselves. People should get tested as soon as they suspect to have come into contact with a sick person. After knowing their status, they will protect their loved ones and themselves too. Do not rely on myths. Instead, get the corona facts right, and you will easily stay safe.