Bharat Bhise Describes Reverse Your Aging Process Through Peptide Therapy


According to Bharat Bhise, peptide therapy has been rising in popularity recently due to its anti-aging effects. However, most people don’t know how it works and the different types of peptides available on the market. Let’s check out how you can reverse your aging process through peptide therapy.

The Process

  1. Peptide effects on aging – Peptides are short-chain amino acids that work like chemical messengers and can penetrate into human cells. When they penetrate the cell, they start cellular level tissue repair, which can influence the body to heal. The human body itself contains many types of peptides and the artificial ones used for regenerative therapy have the same chemical structure.

As you age, your body worsens at repairing inflamed and damaged tissues. The ability to create peptides naturally gets reduced over time and that’s when you start developing signs of aging. This can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Peptide therapy helps to reinvigorate your body with peptides and directs it to heal and regenerate lost and damaged tissues.

  1. Growth hormone stimulants – Peptides like Ipamorelin and CJC 1295 are growth hormone stimulants and the most commonly used peptides for anti-aging therapy. As you start aging, your body loses its ability to retain lean muscle, and this brings down your metabolism. This can lead to higher cholesterol and sugar levels as you grow older. Fortunately, this phenomenon can be reversed when you take peptides that stimulate growth hormone levels in your body.
  1. Water-soluble regenerative peptides – Thymosin-Beta is a kind of peptide that is used simultaneously with the above-mentioned peptides and directly influences your skin health. It coordinates the formation of collagen layers that make up your skin and promotes tissue regeneration under it.
  1. Healing peptides – BPC-157 is a type of healing peptide that works in synergy with growth hormone peptides. One of the greatest benefits of this peptide is to protect the inner walls of arteries with its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. They can also influence clotting factors and reduce the chances of strokes. Since ancient times, blood circulation has been a tangible metric of human health and longevity and this peptide helps to improve it drastically.
  1. Creams and serums – Most traditional peptide therapies use subcutaneous injections to deliver peptides into your body. That’s because oral ingestion can mess with the chemical integrity of peptides when they come in contact with your stomach acids.

On the other hand, there are a vast array of serums, face masks, and creams that contain the above-mentioned peptides and can be directly applied to your skin. They make your body think that there’s a topical injury and this makes the body boost collagen boosting cells to repair and heal your aging skin.


Bharat Bhise suggests that you do your own research on these peptides and consult your dermatologist and physician before going through any of the available treatments. It is essential to assess the benefits and risks of peptide therapy before making it a part of your beauty treatment.