7 Best Indoor Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

You can do a plethora of things to customise your space to reflect your personality; wall paintings, posters, a bookshelf, and mostly a dash of greenery and fresh air of indoor plants. Plants are a great way to create a soothing and refreshing aura around any space, be it indoors or outdoors, that is why we feel at peace taking a walk in the park. We are spoilt for choice regarding indoor plant options with different colours, shapes, and sizes. While we may all be creative in designing our homes the way we see fit, most people are not acquainted with plants. The various types of plants with different growth patterns and maintenance requirements finding the perfect plant for your home decor can be challenging. On that subject, in this post, we share seven best air purifying plants for home. Read on groliehome.com.


  1. Snake Plant

Do not be deceived by the name. Snake plants are also known as “Mother in law’s tongue”. They are named snake plants because snakes do not hang around areas where they are planted, making them excellent security for those who stay in snake-infested areas. They are also known to have good luck charms. These beautiful greens have lean and upright banding leaves and can survive in drought areas. They also purify the air from harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and toluene.


  1. Money Plant

Also known as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, this beautiful plant belongs to the Arum species. The money plant is an excellent plant to start indoor home decorations. You can get a 3 to 4-inch money plant in a vase with water or soil and witness the plant trailing like vines to more than 5 meters over a short period of time. It is has been part of our tradition to adorn homes with this beautiful plant as it is believed to bring good luck and fortune. The plant also filters harmful toxins from the air in homes such as the xylene, benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde.


  1. Dracaena

If you live on a busy schedule or spend most of your time travelling, and are looking for a plant that will welcome you home with a refreshing aura, the Dracena plant is the right one for you. It is a low maintenance plant and easily adjusts to any environment, be it a dark room. This beautiful plant is also known for its high-air-purification standards as it removes benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and xylene from homes.


  1. Spider Plant

Are you looking for a stunning plant that will give your space that jungle feeling and still filters toxins from your home? Then the spider plant is the best candidate. The spider plants are easy to grow and maintain. They can thrive in areas with both direct and indirect sunlight, which makes them ideal to place close to windows. Spider plants filter harmful chemicals such as xylene and formaldehyde from the air.


  1. Rubber Tree

You may forget to care for your plants from time to time, which will earn you a “bad plant parent” title among your loved ones at home and pears at your workplace. The rubber plant is one of the best air-purifying plants that will clear the negative allegations. This beautiful plant does not require much attention and thrives without frequent watering. You will also reap the plant’s parenthood benefits and get an oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.